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Editorial technologies shaping multimedia publishing

26 Feb 2009
14.00 to 17:30
IPC Media
Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

With the shift towards 24:7 multimedia publishing, editorial teams are being unified, work places are being rationalised and editorial needs have changed. But is technology keeping up? How are the latest tools helping to streamline processes and speed up workflow and where are they falling down?

This forum brought together editorial experts to examine the latest issues surrounding true multimedia story production and to look at what new solutions are being sought.

The AOP Editorial Technology forum was held at IPC Media on the afternoon of Thursday 26 February - download speaker presentations below (AOP members only.)

The event was chaired by Pete Picton, Online Editor, The Sun

The Changing Face of Editorial Operations

Peter Bale, Executive Producer, Microsoft UK
  • Overview of the latest developments in editorial technology
  • What’s next for multimedia content delivery
  • Issues and challenges and how these are being overcome

Download Peter Bales' Presentation - AOP Members only.Download Type: pptx
Download Size: 1711k

Using Technology To Switch to Multimedia

Diane Burley, Digital Industry Specialist, Nstein Technologies

  • Transitioning businesses and brands into multi-channel successes
  • How technology is transforming publishing
  • What today’s technology can and cannot do
  • Looking towards tomorrow’s technology
  • Read Diane's Blog

Download Diane's Presentation - AOP Members only.Download Type: ppt
Download Size: 3142k

From One Screen To Multiscreen / Multiplatform: Case Study - Sky News

Julian March, Executive Producer, Sky News Online

Watch a video showcase of Sky News' multiplatform news operation in action 'when Black Monday shook the world'.

  • Challenges and hurdles of transition at Sky
  • Managing mindset change
  • Restructuring for multiplatform output

The Future is Now

Kevin Anderson, Blogs Editor,

Press Coverage

Microsoft's Photosynth as a storytelling tool (

Peter Bale: "Papers should cut production costs, not journalists" (Press Gazette)

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