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Maintaining editorial integrity and making partnerships pay

17 Feb 2011
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

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Will Advertising and Content ever meet head-on?

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Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney

The event was chaired by: Chris Mooney, Editor,

How we learnt to stop shouting and get involved
Oliver Newton, Head of Emerging Platforms, Starcom MediaVest
* The changing agency landscape
* Meeting the new needs of brands and publishers
* What involvement means
* Preparing for a future of engaged advertising
* Download the Starcom PresentationDownload Type: pptx
Download Size: 5294k

Making Branded Content Pay
Brent Coulson and Joseph Evea, Bauer Access Creative Directors
* The Bauer Access approach
* How commercially funded content can future proof your business
* Making the most of your publisher assets
* Examples of successful campaigns
* Download the Bauer Access PresentationDownload Type: zip
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A B2B Perspective
Tony Hallett, Publishing Director, CBSi UK B2B
* Is B2B different?
* Content and advertising have met head-on – now only more so.
* Three reasons change is accelerated: the democratisation of voice, platforms and creative channels.
* So how likely is B2B to mirror B2C?
* Download CBS' presentationDownload Type: ppt
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AOL's Vision - how we see the market evolving
Noel Penzer, VP, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, AOL Europe
* Immersive advertising in context with content
* Creating content around established audiences
* The marriage of advertising and content distributed at scale
* What's next

Carrot or stick, content vs advertising. Case Study: The DAY 8
Richard Ascott, Head of Digital, Alfred Dunhill
* The new strategic digital thinking at Dunhill
* Why advertising is no longer enough
* Rationale behind diversifying into content - hopes and aims
* How brands and publishers can continue to work together going forward - what will work best from a brands' perspective.

Networking Drinks Reception

More on this topic and the event

The line between advertising and editorial is set to blur even further this year.

Some say we’re going to see more advertising moving toward content, and more acceptance of that, while others warn of inevitable damage to editorial integrity.
For years, advertisers have been trying to align ever more closely with publishers brands online and cross-platform.

There are now a number of different models in between simple ‘partnerships’, especially as digital advertising becomes richer, more complex, and clients and brands increasingly reap the benefits of multiplatform story-telling.

While brands dip deeper into content creation, does this mean publishers must find new ways of working with them so they aren’t cut from the equation?

In an AOP interview last year, Trinity Mirror’s Matt Kelly said the internet is ‘the perfect forum’ for integrating editorial and commercial, “in a way that traditionally wasn’t either desirable or practical in print.”

At this event, we bring together both editorial and commercial leaders, asking: how will advertising content within new formats continue to be clearly marked to distinguish it from editorial? And do users even care? Are we seeing the fruition of a long-held belief that advertising should act more like content? And how can publishers reap the benefits without compromising their relationship with their audience?

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