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Optimising your Site using Google Analytics Training

5 May 2011
08.30 to 17:00
Econsultancy Offices
4th Floor, The Corner 91-93 Farringdon Road London EC1M 3LN

This practical course will help you improve your tracking, website and campaign efficiency to deliver better results from your digital marketing investments.

Research by Econsultancy has shown that over 70% of companies now use Google Analytics systems to report online performance. But, often Google Analytics hasn't been configured to tailor reports to a particular business and fully use its capabilities to drive business results.

This course focuses on applying Google Analytics for site conversion optimization through advanced configuration and customization of reports. If you are using another tool, the best practice recommendations on campaign and page design improvements will still be relevant.

How will I benefit?

After attending this course, you will be able to:

* Configure Google Analytics to best report and improve performance of your campaigns and website
* Audit your site using web analytics reports and expert review techniques to identify "quick win" conversion improvements across key page types including the home page, category and product pages
* Define improvements to different page elements for key conversion page types including landing pages, search results pages and, if applicable, faceted navigation, shopping basket and checkout pages
* Refine your messaging hierarchy and use persuasive copywriting techniques to maximize conversion for response pages
* Ensure improvements to page template elements such as site navigation, headings, copy, videos and images are consistent with SEO Best Practice to attract visitors from Google's natural listings
* Improve integration of your site with different online and offline campaign referrers
* Create a structured testing plan for a site to improve results through AB and multivariate testing

What will I learn?

This course covers these conversion optimisation techniques:

* How best to engage first time and repeat visitors to reduce bounce rate
* What to watch for when performing clickstream analysis such as forward and reverse path analysis
* Recommendations on the best advanced and custom reports to use to segment visitors by traffic source to understand their behaviour
* Integrating Web 2.0 approaches such as personalization, reviews, ratings, social bookmarking, video and other widgets into your site
* How to maximize landing page, basket and checkout conversion rates
* How to plan and manage A/B and multivariate testing of pages using tools such as Google Website Optimiser

Discount for AOP Members

There is a 10% discount on places for AOP members, and can be booked via the EConsultancy site - please contact us for the discount code.