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eCommerce and diversifying revenue forum

29 Jan 2009
14.00 to 17:30
Channel 4
124 Horseferry Road, London, SW1P 2TX

Event Description

In the context of the current climate, have publishers become over-reliant on advertising revenue? TMG's Digital Director Brian Harrison, last year announced that eCommerce and non-ad-related revenue would be "crucial to a secure commercial future."

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The event was chaired by Gary Cole, Online Sales Director, ITV, and speakers and presentations included:

Diversification: The way ahead

Brian Harrison, Digital Director, Telegraph Media Group

  • Overview of the current market
  • What publishers are doing to diversify revenue streams
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How to create new services driving traffic and profits

Jason Biffin, E-Commerce Director, Trader Media Group
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  • Identifying opportunities and developing an e-Commerce strategy
  • Using your assets to create revenue streams

Incorporating Gaming - Case Study: Sun Bingo

Jim Mullen, Head of Digital Commercial, News International

Read our interview with Jim Mullen on online gaming and publishing.

  • Overview of online gaming - Case Study: Sun Bingo
  • How gaming can improve CRM, spur revenue growth and core product sales

Harnessing Data to Diversify Revenue

Case Study: GameSpot Trax
Parbinder Dhariwal, Sales Director, CBS Interactive

  • Providing profitable business services from online data
  • The potential of niche/vertical sites to develop alternative revenue
  • Live Demo: GameSpot Trax

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