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Driving Revenue through Data - AOP Forum

8 Sep 2010
13.00 to 17:30
IPC Media
Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

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Digital Life
Read AOP's report on the event: RBI says data can lead publishers to the heart of clients’ businesses

Having the best possible audience understanding has always been one of the pillars of publishers’ success. But are we making the most of the wealth of data offered up by digital?

The move away from CPM dependency has allowed different business models to flourish online, with many B2B publishers in particular already finding that leveraging user data is reaping significant financial reward, and some believing it is key to future B2C models too.

So what are the lessons to be learned so far, and how can this approach be employed by publishers across the board to even greater effect?

This forum brought together case studies and analysis from publishers already successful in this space to examine how UK media owners can profit from data without compromising trusted relationships with their users.

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CRM in the online publishing world

Dr Jaan Nellis, Associate Partner, CACI

  • How to apply 'traditional' CRM data mining activities to the online media world
  • Characteristics of online data and the opportunities and problems these present
  • Behavioural Segmentations - Understanding your site's major usage groups
  • Predictive Modelling - Using site behaviour to build churn models
  • Bridging the Gap - Applying anonymous behavioural data to identify future subscribers
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Using data to drive successful product development

Ian Eckert, Director, Abacus e-Media

  • Why successful product development should start and end with data
  • Making sure every transaction counts - Effectively capturing usable data on audience interactions.
  • Nice to know vs critical information - Sifting a mass data to find 'actionable intelligence'
  • How a joined-up, comprehensive data strategy is essential to profitable business models
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Building a new revenue generation model

Zina Manda, Director, Mardev-DM2, RBI

Deriving advertising value through consumer data analysis

Mike Shaw, Director, Marketing Solutions, comScore

Driving Revenue through Data was chaired by John Barnes, MD Digital, Incisive Media

What are the key issues you need to consider?

  • As more sites will move towards charging models, audiences will reduce and publishers need to get better at understanding their audiences in real depth to market and monetise effectively – Different business models will assume more importance
  • The CPM ad model is changing – engagement driven pricing – and developing and exploiting audience data effectively will be key to this
  • Selling data profiles to different business models – i.e. lead generation is on the rise. But what does effective data collection look like?
  • What are the legal implications and privacy issues around selling data?

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