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Driving the online video market

27 Jan 2010
14.00 to 18:30
IPC Media
Blue Fin Building, 110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

Driving the Online Video Market
Video produced by FMG

This inaugural event of 2010 marks the first of a series of activities aimed at supporting AOP members to drive the online video market forward.

The seminar brought together traditional and newly-enabled broadcasters, commercial experts and measurement specialists to examine how the landscape currently looks and identify key areas to address in the year ahead -

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Speaker interview: YouTube Sales Leader Bruce Daisley

Speaker interview: Camilla Day, Head of Video on Demand, PHD

members can download speaker presentations below.


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The event covered

  • How can publishers better support one another and work together to drive the market?
  • With no cohesive, universal trading mechanism - how can the online video market be made to work more effectively?
  • Is there a need to standardise the trading currency and if so how can this best be achieved?
  • Is the potential of online video widely enough understood amongst Clients and how can any knowledge gaps be addressed?
  • What are researchers and measurement firms doing to demystify the buying process?
  • How do publishers need to evolve to meet the needs of advertisers?