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All award entries should prove commercial success, quoting figures wherever possible and should show evidence of success within the judging year: 01 January 2011 to 01 January 2012.

Launch 2012

Open to products, services, apps or websites (no relaunches) that have gone live within the judging period. Entries will need to demonstrate use of excellent content, creativity, and marketing,  within this limited time. This award will reflect the best launch through evidence of its commercial viability, a clear understanding of the target market, and strong evidence of the business impact of the launch.

Editorial Team 2012 - Business/Consumer

The judges will look for evidence of the team’s enterprise, creativity and performance in achieving outstanding success for the site, or digital platforms, and the value added to the overall business. There is no requirement that the editorial team should be working solely online.

Research and Insight Project 2012

Recognising the ever-growing importance of research for the digital media industry, this award will reflect the best project including methodology, innovation, results against objectives and business impact. The award is only open to research commissioned or produced by online publishing companies, research and advertising agencies.

Digital Advertising Sales Team 2012

This category is open to any sales team working online (but not necessarily solely online) within a publishing operation. Judges will be looking for proof of the team’s development and evidence of innovation, creative and commercial success in the judging year. Entries should include testimonials from clients or agencies to demonstrate professionalism and excellent client relations.

Digital Advertising Operations Team 2012

Entries are invited from publishers, agencies and advertising networks in the UK who sell or buy online display advertising media. Please call attention to any industry standards that your team has contributed to and any industry bodies that your senior ops staff participate in. Entrants are strongly encouraged to include client and customer (including in-house customers) testimonials. Judges also want to see specific examples of ad ops leadership, innovation, and contribution to overall success. These could include the results of specific projects initiated by ad operations teams.

Product Team 2012

This category is open to product development / product management teams within a publishing operation recognising this central discipline that bridges commercial, editorial and technology, and its increasingly important role in publishers’ businesses. Judges will be looking at the  creation and integration of original technological innovations and the team’s role in delivering added value to the overall business and the best possible user experience.

Innovation 2012

Awarded to products, services or websites that demonstrate an imaginative use of media or technology by incorporating an innovative feature that is relevant, original and of real benefit to its users. This award welcomes entries from product, mobile and community sites, which demonstrate evidence of creativity and originality, understanding of the market and commercial success. Entrants should make clear how they measure success against objectives.

Cross-Media Project 2012

A successful use and mix of media used for a particular project or product is expected in this category. This could mean a combination of video, mobile, print, or any other relevant medium. Judges will be looking at the integration and creation of original or reworked content and ideas while maintaining a strong brand identity, and at why this combination of media made a significant difference to the brand. Please note that sending in copies of printed materials is not obligatory, but details for doing so can be found on the how to enter page.

Use of Mobile 2012

Recognising the achievements made in mobile by a digital publishing company. Entrants should demonstrate how the brand fits into the medium, explaining specifically how it has added value, and what makes it accessible and suited to the mobile device. Judges will consider entries from mobile websites, mobile and tablet/eReader apps.

Commercial Partnership 2012

Entries are invited from digital publishers engaged in a commercial partnership with an advertiser or supplier aiming to promote and drive the advertiser’s brand forward or alternatively to develop new revenue streams for the media owner. Judging will be based on strategic vision, understanding of the market, and use of innovation and creativity. Judges will also be looking for evidence of success against objectives, such as: research, trading figures and results.

Use of Video 2012

Open to both consumer and business titles from broadcasters, newspapers or magazines, this award reflects the ever-growing importance of digital TV and video content in digital publishing. Factors taken into consideration will include return on investment, innovation, and creativity. Companies may either present their overall video output or a specific project or campaign over the judging period.

Use of Social Media 2012

*New* This award reflects the ever-growing importance of social media channels for publishers. Factors taken into consideration will include growth in engagement, interaction, innovation and brand development. Companies should present their social media work on one specific title or product per entry for this category.

Digital Editorial Individual 2012

This award rewards the individual contribution of online journalists, editors and community managers, and is open to those working in both consumer and b2b environments. Entrants should include (or link to) examples of their work where possible. Entrants should make clear how they measure success against objectives and include colleague testimonials.

Technology Partner 2012

*New* This award will be given to the best existing, new or improved third party technology provider that has demonstrated the most effective results driving digital publishers’ revenue forward. Judges will look for proof of enterprise and innovation, ability to create and/or increase revenue for publishers, and evidence of satisfaction from the end user, including publisher testimonials.

Website 2012 - Business/Consumer

Entries must maintain a consistently high standard across all aspects of the site. Judging will be based on design and usability, editorial excellence, creativity and overall commercial results. Entrants should make clear how they measure success against objectives.

Pureplay Digital Publisher 2012

*New* Recognising the success of digital-only media owners, this award will accept entries from publishing businesses, both business and consumer. Judging will be based on outstanding achievement in the digital media environment, with evidence of a strong strategic vision, enterprise and innovation, growth of the business and success against objectives in the judging period.

Digital Publisher 2012 - Business/Consumer

Aimed at businesses rather than individuals, judging will be based on outstanding achievement in the digital media environment, with evidence of a strong strategic vision, enterprise and innovation, growth of the business and success against the objectives in the judging year. This should be shown through a portfolio of sites or through breadth and versatility within a single site, indicating how the different elements figure in the publisher's strategy.