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Data capture and analysis for online selling

1 Jul 2009
08.30 to 17:00
AOP Offices
Queens House, 55-56 Lincolns Inn Field, London, WC2A 3LJ
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Today’s advertisers (and their representatives) are seeking deeper layers of insight into the success of their sales and marketing campaigns. There is a range of analytical tools around from Google Analytics to SmartFocus and Alterian and this course will demystify current jargon and help delegates to take advantage of online channels.

Suitable for: For website managers, publishers with a technical interest, advertising directors and online marketing personnel. Delegates should understand how a website is built and managed and be conversant with tools such as MS Excel and Google Analytics.

Course content

  • how advertisers buy and what they are looking for
  • the value of data
  • data security and protection
  • how to mine rich data seams
  • 10 common fears about data
  • conversion metrics and KPIs
  • analysis and insight
  • setting up a data capture process
  • how to avoid analysis paralysis
  • how to dodge difficult data requests
  • data for customer relationship management

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Download Booking Form