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AOP Forum - Data Journalism

16 May 2012
13.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

From Wikileaks to the MPs' expenses scandal, the biggest stories increasingly involve analysing huge amounts of data. With data journalism tipped to move into the mainstream this year, we ask:
  • What is data journalism and what are the benefits and the emerging trends?
  • How do journalists find the numbers and the stories within them?
  • How can data journalism can increase engagement and revenue for your brand?
  • What are the tools and processes available to journalists for creating interactive stories?
  • A look at projects and stories created using various methods and tools

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The event was chaired by Neil McIntosh, Deputy Editor, The Wall Street Journal, Europe Read our summary of the event & watch our interview with Neil. Getting Started: Datasets and Toolkits The Miso project & dataset
  • What are the global implications of the project?
  • The importance and benefits of open source
  • Handling data source variety
  • The evolution of data journalism through Miso
Alex Graul, Interactive Developer, The Guardian/Miso project Evaluating tool kits and technology available to journalists today
  • Using APIs and automating data transformation
  • How can crowdsourcing be used to enhance the data story
  • What are the approaches to interpretation, forming visualisations and infographics?
  • Screen scraping, interactive interfaces and analysis – investigating instruments of the trade
Kevin Anderson, Digital Strategist, Media Development Loan Fund Assessing data sources and crystalising the story within the numbers
  • What are the trusted sources of data and how to sense check
  • Using the freedom of information act, FOI
  • Identifying the story within the data. What do we look for?
  • Understanding administrative geography and the units used in public data
  • Refining, cleaning and analysing data
Martin Stabe, Interactive Producer, Financial Times The view and process from a working data journalism team
  • A practical look at the workings and structure of the BBC Interactive team
  • Project process and real-life considerations
  • Case studies and project specifics
Andrew Leimdorfer, Senior Product Manager, BBC News Conrad Quilty-Harper, Interactive News Editor, Telegraph Media Group also joined the panel for the Q&A to close the event.

Background Data Journalism Handbook 3 emerging forms of data journalism Data journalism - the Guardian approach Data-driven Journalism - a set of data journalism resources from the European Journalism Centre. Useful resources on data journalism from Data Miner UK