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Bill Scott, COO, easeltv

Bill Scott
Bill Scott is one of the founders of easeltv and its Chief Operating and Commercial Officer. The company’s vision is to enable brands to build high quality TV experiences using low-cost web components, fast. easeltv will help its clients to exploit broadband connected TVs and in doing so will help to shape the future of television.

Bill is working with broadcasters, pay TV operators and major consumer brands to exploit the potential of connected TV with a true understanding of the TV’s context in the home and the need to entertain and stimulate the audience. easeltv’s Clients include Channel 4 and TiVo.

Prior to starting easeltv, Bill created and led the IBM Digital Media Consulting & Systems Integration practice, which delivered a variety of interactive TV, IPTV and Digital Media projects over 9 years. Bill personally managed end-to-end business-driven projects that often started with strategy and moved through execution to operation. In this role, Bill conceived the original idea behind Project Canvas for the BBC in 2005.

Bill has 25 years’ experience of managing IT projects to deliver business value, working at end-user organisations delivering internal applications, for software houses delivering commercial products and for professional services firms delivering client projects.

Bill is appearing at the VoD and the rise of web-connected TV on 20 January - find out more about the event.

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