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VoD and the rise of web-connected TV

20 Jan 2011
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

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on the market, provided by the the Connected TV.

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Anthony Rose at AOP VoD & the Rise of Connect TV event

Presentations at the event

Incorporating new video platforms ...and making them pay, with examples from Dennis, M6 (Fr), TV4 (Swe), Kanal 5 (Swe) and more
Sorosh Tavakoli, Founder and CEO, Videoplaza

Making VOD Pay
Jana Eisenstein, Director of Publisher Services EMEA, Videology

The UK VOD Market - Overview and Latest Developments
Sam Kayum, Managing Director UK, Smartclip

Visualising a Connected Future - Options for Publishers
Anthony Rose, Product Visionary & former CTO, YouView & Future Media Controller, BBC

  • Options for getting content online and onto connected TV devices
  • Services and tools that can help build online portals
  • Pros and cons of different approaches
  • Cost/benefit of getting on board connected TVs now vs. waiting 12 months
  • Read AOP's interview with Anthony

Bill Scott, COO, easeltv was also on the panel

The chairman of this event was Bismarck Lepe, Co-Founder & President of Product Strategy, Ooyala

With major players like Google and Apple pushing to make TV more interactive, a future where the internet and television are merged would appear to be almost a given.

But it is not just services which are merging in the publishing world. Publishers who once competed for share of voice on the same media platform are also coming together.

In the UK, YouView has seen terrestrial broadcasters join-up to deliver a web-connected TV service. Similarly stateside, Next Issue, which is designed to make media consumption accessible, is a consortium of US providers and publishers. So does this mark a new way of working and what will be the importance of collaboration in future media output?

In this forum we bring together experts in the video, commercial and technology spheres to take a look at how video publishing is shaping up. We examine what tools are available to support publishers in this field and how media owners are adapting to seismic shifts and preparing for an integrated future. We also examine, importantly, how best tomorrow's VOD can be made to pay.

Does the launch of Connected TV herald a new dawn for publishing?

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