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AOP Summit 2010

When and Where

15th October 2010 at the Westminster Bridge Park Plaza, London

8.15 Registration

9.00 Introduction from AOP and Summit Chair - Kate Silverton

9.10 Designing world-class media: 10 ideas to survive in a digital world
Award-winning design guru Jacek Utko explores the relationship and trends between newspaper and web design and defines the essentials for creating world-class publications. He reveals how a fresh approach to combining top design with business strategy and content can completely reshape the product the process and the future of the industry. We will learn if newspapers can be saved; what the web can learn from print; the trends in media and how to incorporate new platforms; and where news production and delivery is heading in the publications of the future.

Jacek Utko, Design Director, Bonnier Business Press International

9.50 Leading the Pack

UK media leaders give us the skinny on where we stand, and where we go from here… Do we still have what it takes to lead the world in innovation, and the development of the best in digital media businesses?

10.50 Coffee Break

11.20 Breakout Sessions

Panel A: World Class Editorial: Betting the farm on content?

In the year that has seen the rise of the content farm and the dawn of the slow content movement, we examine the increasingly commercial role of the journalist in today’s digital publishing businesses. We ask: How is quality journalism going to pay for itself? How do we maintain high editorial standards and keep our audiences engaged? Is collaboration between editorial teams, clients and advertisers providing real commercial return?

Panel B. Building B2B Value in a B2C World

Increasingly, B2B publishers are finding themselves at the forefront of UK media in decoding engagement and rapidly changing metrics. This session looks at how B2B media are leading the way in terms of understanding their users, and increasingly forging partnerships with B2C partners in a B2B way.

12.40 Lunch and Networking

14.00 Breakout Sessions

Panel C. Show Me the Money

The last year has seen publishers completely reassess their approach to profiting from digital, with paid sites spawning free apps, free sites sparking paid apps, and those in between charging for it all. What can the top earners from the wider digital industry teach us about generating new business, reassessing current models and the killer company structure for profit?

Panel D. World Class Tech: Putting product at the core of your business

Product development is fundamental in delivering the best possible user experience and commercial goals. This session looks at the central discipline that bridges commercial, editorial and technology, and its increasingly important role in publishers’ businesses as interactive, multiplatform user experiences become the norm.

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 Climate Changed
As Unilever gets set to double its digital spend, we hear how one of the world's largest FMCG companies is responding to the shifting marketing and consumer landscape - and about the rationale behind integrating digital thinking into its business. What are the trends and lessons from the best Unilever work around the world and what does a market leader deem to be attractive in today's online publishing businesses?

Jay Altschuler, Global Communications Planning Director, Unilever

16.30 Creating New Revenues Around Content

‘Creating New Revenues around Content’ will cover the significant challenges media owners face as they address the impact of digital disintermediation, increased competition, and disaggregation.

To continue to hold as prominent a place in consumers' mindshare, publishers need to innovate their industries, products, user experiences and business models like never before.

Understanding what your consumers will pay for is vital: While users remain reluctant to pay for digital content, they are still spending money on other products and services around content - should this be where you focus in future? Content builds an audience, but monetising that audience is the key.

David Moody, Director of Strategy, BBC Worldwide

17.00 AOP Chair's Summary of the Day

17.05 Drinks Reception

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AOP Summit 2010 Sponsors

AOP Summit 2010 Sponsors

Summit programme is correct at the time of publication. The organisers reserve the right to alter timings and content.

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