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Building Smart Communities - AOP Forum

17 May 2011
13.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description


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Read our report on this event - Havas: publishers can benefit from upsurge in social spend

Members can download Sift and Havas Media's presentations below.

Integrating Social And Traditional Content - Overview

Ben Heald, CEO, Sift (Chair)

* Developing successful social strategies
* The editorial impact
* Technical challenges
* Monetisation
* Download Ben's PresentationDownload Type: pptx
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(members only)

Rules Of Engagement

Justine Roberts, Co-founder & CEO, Mumsnet

* Key considerations for developing a community
* The principles of community engagement
* Rules of engagement for brands with online communities
* Read our earlier interview with Justine: Mumsnet Founder & CEO on 'constant beta' & engaging brands with the community

The New Mashup - Social Media Meets Publishing

Giles Palmer, Founder and CEO, Brandwatch

* Social versus professional - the differences
* How social media extends the life of a story
* Free vs Paid
* Traffic and ad models - and how to grab some ground back from Google

Moving beyond the ‘like’ button – how publishers can adapt to the social needs of agencies

Amy Kean, Director of Social Media, Havas Media

* Platforms vs. people
* The publisher’s role in paid, owned and earned media
* Working with agencies to create and commercialise a truly social offering
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* Read our report on Amy's presentation: Havas: publishers can benefit from upsurge in social spend

Cat Herding For Beginners

Stuart Forrest, Publishing Director, (Haymarket) Case Study

* How a traditional media owner integrated a non-traditional business, and made it work
* Changing traditional roles
* Key principles for moderating and monetising communities
* Read the Media Briefing's report on PistonHeads at this event.

Event Background

Comments, likes and retweets are now standard wherever you go on the web, and even Google has set its sights for future growth in social.

Meanwhile, publishers are seeing both vibrant communities on their own sites and an engaged following on social networks as critical to attracting new users, deepening their relationship with existing users and feeding into plans for future product development.

According to the latest AOP Organisation Census, 63% of publishers see social media as a key area for growth in technology investment, but with a similar number in the same survey saying they are set to introduce more paid elements to their products, how will the two work together?

Key questions we will be asking:

  • How should publishers blend social media and traditional content?
  • How does an editor’s role change with community in the mix?
  • What technical challenges are there for publishers in embracing social media?
  • How do publishers make money from communities and social media?
  • Are paywalls incompatible with a successful social media strategy?

This forum will provide the latest case studies and expert guidance, and find what lessons you can learn from organic, web-only communities and how their approach has changed the working practices of old media.

If integrating your products on social networks is the new standard, then, like the widget and the poke before it, could 2011 be the year that the 'social' tag gets dropped altogether?

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