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Programmatic Trading - Emerging Models Forum

13 Feb 2013
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU

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This forum explored three emerging approaches to programmatic trading (including alliances, private marketplaces and programmatic premium) to discover which, or which mix of, models could provide real results for UK publishers. We explored the latest in technological advancements in this sector and ask who is already achieving success and how.

The latest AOP Census revealed that two thirds of members will embrace some form of programmatic trading in the year ahead. Yet some publishers remain cautious about the long-term impact, fearing inventory devaluation, loss of privacy and control, and audience fragmentation. Love it or loath it, programmatic trading looks set to stay. With ever-increasing proportions of display spend being diverted towards it, programmatic has become embedded as a core component of the revenue mix. Moreover, as technology advances, new models are emerging, some of which could allay residual publisher fears. The onus is now on publishers to adopt the right model to compete. This forum examined how different publishers (both here and overseas) are employing automation to their businesses - and with what level of success. We looked at the merits and pitfalls of each main approach and also explored developments in programmatic that look set to take centre stage in the months ahead. The Forum asked:
* How can premium content win in an automated environment?
* For which publishers are private marketplaces suitable options?  Just how successful are they?
* Can publisher collaboration be made to work in the UK? What are the potential benefits and barriers to success? 
* How is technology driving development of new models and what is coming next?
* And what about Programmatic Premium?  Is this a real option for UK publishers?  What are the three major hurdles to implementation and can they be overcome? The forum featured presentations and case studies from publishers and developers already active in the sector and was followed by a Q&A discussion with questions from the floor. Participants included:
Richard Foan, Group Executive Director, Communications and Innovation, ABC
Click for Presentation Jay Stevens, Senior Vice-President and General Manager International, Rubicon Project
Click for Presentation Krishan Patel, Director of Media, Xaxis, & Joel Christie, Marketing Controller, BskyB
Click for Presentation Duncan Hammond, Monetisation Development Manager, Guardian News & Media
Click for Presentation Fabien Magalon, Managing Director, La Place Media
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