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Mobile Forum

24 Apr 2013
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London SE1 0SU

Event Description

This Event is Sold Out!

Please be aware that due to unforeseen medical circumstances, there has been a last minute change to this event's programme. Paul Goode of comScore will now take the place of Weve's Alison Reay, who we wish a speedy recovery to. Full and updated programme details can be found here This forum examines how publishers can best position their businesses for mobile revenue success. We look at how the main revenue drivers - data, creativity and technology - are shaping today's mobile landscape and ask what publishers can do to close the gap between high traffic levels and low revenue return. We ask:
  • How can publishers cash in on their mobile data assets and how can data transform the commercial mobile landscape overall?
  • What part will technology and creativity (location and contextual targeting and "360 advertising") play in determining success?
  • How do agencies see the brand vs performance landscape developing what will unlock greater mobile ad spend?
Our top line-up of speakers includes: Mark Challinor, Director of Mobile Platforms, Telegraph Media Group
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Ross Brockman, Strategic Partner Lead, Google UK
Alex Newman, Head of Mobile, OMD International
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Paul Goode, Senior Vice President Industry Relations, comScore Europe
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Steve Ricketts,Managing Director, ATAO (Chair)
Today's mobile advertising market is experiencing breakneck growth, attributed by many to the explosion in smartphone and tablet take-up. As smartphone ownership reaches 60% of the UK's adult population, UK mobile ad spend topped £500m for 2012 - just four years after the sector struggled to attract £25m. And there is little doubt that, for the foreseeable future, exponential growth looks set to stay. Gartner expects the worldwide market for mobile advertising to grow by a further 400% between now and 2016 to $24.5 billion - with North America and Western Europe seeing the biggest growth and closing the gap on Asia Pacific - and mobile display ad spend taking over from mobile search by 2015. But what is equally clear is that, in this burgeoning market, many UK publishers are still missing out. Mobile media uptake, and therefore ad impressions, is growing faster than advertisers can shift demand from other media - thereby creating an over-supply of mobile inventory and driving down cost. So while brands are experiencing better ROI from mobile ads than expected and oversupply makes mobile ads irresistibly cheap - all of which is great for market growth, ad networks, brands and media agencies - it may not be such good news for publishers. So how can publishers begin to redress the balance between high mobile traffic and low revenue return? This forum brings together experts already breaking down the barriers to success in the mobile revenue field, to discuss how publishers can best position their businesses for a bigger share of the mobile revenue pie. We also examine the main revenue drivers - data, creativity and technology - and explore how they can and are shaping the mobile landscape today and what new opportunities they bring publishers.