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Track the AOP Hack Day

Hackday Incisive receptionA two day Hack event- 9am-5pm on 11-12 October Rubicon Project
Supported by the Rubicon Project
The proposed theme for this year is ‘Hack the Ad’: advertising is still by a long way the predominant business model of news organisations, and crucial to supporting the future of journalism online. But is there enough innovation and experimentation in this area from media owners themselves?

40 people, 10 media companies, and 7 teams & project ideas. Track the project's as they emerge on AOP/Mozilla's Ethernote pages. Lots of great projects are underway at our hosts, Incisive media's offices. You can track them all here, but the best ones will be on stage at the AOP Digital Publishing Summit: Unleashing your Inner start-up' tomorrow at the Westminster Plaza Hotel.
"It's now officially a hack day as oscsparky have red bull"
Follow our hackers via twitter via the hashtag #aophd