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AOP Forum: the secrets of product success

9 Dec 2010
14.00 to 17:30
90 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LJ

Event Description

The internet has turned the UK media product model upside down. No longer about assembling items into a finished package to be sold on a newsstand or broadcast, today's media are required to open on-going conversations with the user, and to continue developing their product with them.

In order to do this effectively, organisations need to carefully consider how to best manage their product development process and structure or restructure accordingly.

The stakes are high. Good product development can make the difference to competitive advantage, commercial success and, ultimately, to survival. Yet many organisations are struggling to make the transition. And while new technology is delivering unparalleled opportunities for new products and services, the reality is the vast majority of these fail.

So how do media owners set about developing that killer product? And how can they best structure their product development function for success?

This forum looked at product development within UK media today. In particular, we examined the cross-functional role of today's product manager and evaluate how a lack of common standards and the inconsistency with which it is viewed impacts upon the role.

Read our report on this event - Product Development pivotal to shaping the future of “what you should do, not what you could do”

AOP Secrets of Product Success Forum
Video by Patrick Smith / the Media Briefing


Structuring for success - the current picture of product development within UK media organisations

Chair: Nic Newman, former Head of BBC Journalism Products within the Future Media department and Author of 'The State of Product Management 2010'

* Overview - different approaches within UK media
* Impact of lack of common standards
* Essential elements for successful product development
* the optimum structure for effective management - Who should be in charge

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Read Nic's views on why product matters for publishers.

Introducing user-centred design in publishing – Case Study:

Paul Lomax, Chief Technology Officer, Dennis

* Overview of the user-centred design process
* Lessons learned launching
* The role of Product Manager in UCD
* Dealing with stakeholders and HiPPOs

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Being Lean and Agile - streamlining the R&D process

Marc McNeill, Head of Experience Design, ThoughtWorks

* Bridging the disconnect between idea and implementation
* Opening the IT bottleneck - delivering speed and flexibility
* Engaging with customers to test, learn and deliver
* Providing comfort in failing fast

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Technology Companies getting it right Case study: eBay

Anojan Abel, European Product Manager, eBay

* Structuring for success - the eBay model
* Working cross-functionally while separating functions
* Best practice that can applied to digital media
* Developing for multiple devices

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Liberated product development in action - Case Study: Channel 4

Marc Haefner, Product Manager, Channel 4 Online

* Defining a product
* The business case for re-design
* Members and roles of project team
* The Eight Step Process

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