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Diversifying Revenue Streams - Paywall, API or iPad?

7 Jul 2010
13.00 to 17:30
90 High Holborn, London, WC1V 6LJ

Event Description

In this forum we examined the increasingly creative ways that publishers are boosting and diversifying their digital returns.

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Podcast: The Times, Guardian, Incisive and Google at AOP diversifying revenues forum

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David Black, Group Digital Director, Trinity Mirror

Overview: Issues, opportunities and trends

Dominic Collins, Vice President Portal & Audience Business Unit, Orange (Chair)

Embracing the mobile and HTML5 revolution

Benedicte Autret, Strategic Partner Manager, Media & Publishing, Google UK

Lead Generation - The New Route to Revenue Case Study:

Tom Wright, Publisher, Data Group, Incisive Media

Developing Paid Content at

Tom Whitwell, Assistant Editor, The Times

Open Content, Platform and Partnerships

Tim Gentry, Head of Optimisation & Effectiveness, Guardian

Dominic Collins interview

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What are the key questions that you need to consider?

Times Online
  • Paywall or API? – maximising audience numbers cross-platform at the expense of engagement, or going against the way of the web?
  • Niche paid? – can sealing off certain types of content, or charging for specific verticals be made to work?
  • Or is the answer a platform hybrid model? – for example FT’s paid site/ad-funded free iPad app or Guardian’s free site/paid-for iPhone app
  • Registration walls – driving up CPMs and user understanding, or simply driving away users?
  • Content, commerce & club - are you doing enough to engage your users? Should you be linking digital to bricks and mortar with a user club, or other premium services?

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