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AOP & Mozilla Hack Day

13 Oct 2011
07.45 to 17.30 on 13-14 October
Day 1 - Incisive Media on Broadwick St, Soho / Day 2 - Park Plaza Westminster Bridge at the AOP Summit Conference

Event Description

Videos of all the projects and judges' comments Hack Day Storify - photos, tweets, links and updates from the first day. Winners announced
AOP-Mozilla Hack Day - Day 1
AOP-Mozilla HackdayAOP Hack Day at the AOP Summit 2011, Powered by Mozilla #aophd
‘A dynamic day of fast-paced real-time software development, an experiment in demonstrating the future of publishing, today’ The Association of Online Publishers and the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Parnership are looking for AOP Member designers, developers & journalists for a dynamic day of fast-paced, real-time, software development -- an experiment in demonstrating the future of publishing, today. A ‘hack day’ explained
  • A hack day brings together Web developers, graphic designers and journalists - people with a hankering to build new tools and explore new ideas.
  • Participants team up for a day of brainstorming & prototype building with the aim of demonstrating how publishers can take advantage of the open web and engage with audiences in new ways. 
  • It's a two day event where participants think up ideas, pitch concepts to each other, and form teams to quickly build as much as they can.
  • The 2nd day will run alongside our main event of the year – the AOP Summit, with results presented to our panel of expert judges, and prizes awarded in front of the leading lights of UK media (ie – the main room of delegates attending our flagship event!)
Hack Day in ScotlandMozilla-sponsored hack day in Scotland
Hack day Goals
  • Hack day events set out to do three simple things:
  1. Generate great ideas at the intersection of technology & publishing
  2. Provide an opportunity to take ideas from concept to code
  3. Make software demos & reference implementations of the best ideas and experiments
  • On top of that: It’s a great way for participants to make new connections, learn skills, and get feedback from mentors and peers.
HTML5#aophd - HTML5 logo from Gary Burge
HTML 5 – focus of the hack day
  • HTML5 highlighted by our members as a key area of learning for developers - allowing them to be better able to devote the resource, and take valuable learnings from the event.
  • In Mozilla’s latest round of suggested hack day topics, HTML5 is the most immediately relevant to the majority of AOP members
  • With feedback from the AOP Product Development Committee, it was decided that the specific focus of the 2 day event should be:
  • HTML5 - enabling you to develop dynamic applications and websites that work on all platforms, for all of your users - no matter which device or OS they choose.
  • AOP hack day products should solve a real world problem or opportunity currently facing AOP members' businesses.
Mozilla-sponsored hack day in ChileMozilla-sponsored hack day in Chile
A short note on IP
  • Code will be produced by teams of developers from different AOP member companies
  • To be considered by the judges, the code needs to be publicly available and under an open-source (CC) license
  • What is developed in 1-2 days is rarely ground-breaking enough to warrant any other considerations. 
  • In the collegiate spirit of AOP, everyone will then be able to benefit from code/tools available under a Creative Commons (CC) license
  • The first day of the Hack Day will be attended only by the developers/designers/journalists signed up for the event
  • The second day of the Hack Day at the Summit will take place in a strictly-enforced boss-free and recruiter-free area
How it works The two-day event format is roughly as follows:

13/10 - Day 1 at Incisive Media, Broadwick St, Soho 8.00-9:30 Breakfast, introductions
9:30-10:30 Individuals pitch their hack day ideas & teams are formed
10:30 Teams begin their work
12.00 First team updates due
13.00-14.00 Lunch
15:30 Team updates due
17.00 Final team updates are due

14/10 - Day 2 at the AOP Digital Publishing Summit, Westminster Bridge Park Plaza 8.15-9.00 Breakfast
9.00-12.00 Hacking continues
12.00-13.00 Lunch
13.00-14.00 Team preparation for presentation of final product
14.00-15.30 Teams present their projects; judging by an expert panel & prizes awarded
17.00 Event wrap-up in the main Summit room – winners announced and prize giving in front of the main Summit audience
Mozilla-sponsored hack day in KenyaMozilla-sponsored hack day in Kenya

  • A successfully-facilitated hack day will result in:
  • A gallery of demonstration projects that were built in 1.5 days using the provided tools, parter APIs, and promoted services
  • A chance for publishers and sponsors to meet talented local developers
  • An opportunity for publishers to see tangible examples of new web technologies in action
  • The space to "stop yammering, and start hammering" -- this event is about building, making, and demonstrating the future
Judges Ross Bruniges, Client side web developer, Mozilla Foundation
Jay Stevens, VP & GM International of Rubicon Project
Helen Clifford-Jones, VP of Sales EMEA, Maxifier
Tom Jenen, Commercial Director EMEA, Admeld