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AOP Ad research forum – Valuing the engaged consumer

7 Dec 2011
14.00 to 17:30
Blue Fin Building
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU

Event Description

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This forum was about demonstrating how media brands can benefit from understanding deeply engaged audiences, and increasing the value of consumers through behaviourally-led insight. We ask how research is developing to gain greater insight into the drivers of consumer behaviour online. We also look to identify the value of different online environments, and ultimately how knowledge of consumer engagement creates new commercial opportunities for media brands. This event was be informed by the results of AOP’s latest research study, which is set to be released in early December, and builds on last year’s New Rules of Engagement Study. Key questions
  • How are research and insight techniques moving forward to improve understanding of consumer behaviour?
  • How can we move beyond measuring what people do and understand the drivers of behaviour?
  • What is the role of different online media in the brand building process?
  • How does engagement in terms of advertising responsiveness vary across content sites versus portals and social media?
  • To what extent is the opportunity to grow business for media owners directly related to understanding the degree of audience engagement?

Speaker biographies & presentation downloads (members only) This event was chaired by: David Brennan, Founder, Media Native The new consumer touchpoints Simon McDonald, Business Director, InSites Consulting Download Simon's presentationDownload Type: pptx
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* Moving beyond the 'what' to the 'why' of consumer behaviour - benefits to publishers * How the research landscape is changing.  The latest research techniques and tools:       - Netnographic and online conversations      - Co-creation and crowd-sourcing       - Multimedia ethnography * How media brands can plug into behaviourally led insight innovation Losing Sleep Over Paid, Owned and Earned Julia Ayling, Head of Intelligence, Business Planning, Mindshare Download Julia's PresentationDownload Type: pptx
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* The big questions keeping clients awake at night. * Pondering the world of Paid, Owned and Earned - and how we measure it * Solutions for a better understanding of consumer behaviour and its impact on a brand The Value of Trust Mike Shaw  Director, Marketing Solutions, comScore Sarah Messer, Head of Commercial Research & Insight, ITV Download the Value of Trust PresentationDownload Type: pptx
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* Understanding consumer trust in online media * Evaluating the shifts in advertising effectiveness caused by publisher environment * Demonstrating the opportunity of value for advertisers based on using trusted content sites Find out more about the AOP/comScore Value of Trust Research. Trust In Action.  Case Study: AOL Environment Matters Philip Bird, Research and Trade Marketing Director, AOL UK Download Phil's presentationDownload Type: pdf
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* Creating a trusted online environment to increase user engagement at AOL * Demonstrating campaign effectiveness and the importance of end user trust * Sharpening content provision in the face of consumer insight