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Anthony Rose, Co-Founder and CTO, Zeebox and former CTO, YouView & Future Media Controller, BBC

Anthony Rose
Anthony Rose is a technical and product visionary, now working on Zeebox, a new platform that turns live TV into a two-way, social viewing experience.

Until Dec 2010 Anthony was Chief Technology Officer for YouView, the venture creating an open IPTV platform that brings internet connectivity to the UK’s free to air platforms.

Anthony joined the YouView team from the BBC where he was Future Media Controller, Vision & Online Media Group, responsible for the BBC iPlayer as well as realising the BBC’s plans to create a unified embedded media experience across its online properties.

Anthony joined the BBC from Kazaa/Altnet where he was Chief Technology Officer, responsible for their end-to-end services. During his six years with the organisation Anthony gained credit for his work on a host of impressive projects and patents, including P2P networks, DRM-based content publishing and social networking services.

Prior to joining Kazaa/Altnet Anthony was Vice President for Technology at Sega Australia New Developments, developing real-time 3D animation and 3D graphics engines.

Anthony is delivering a keynote at The AOP Summit 2011 on 14 October - find out more about the event or book your place now.

Anthony also spoke at AOP's VoD and the rise of web-connected TV event on 20 January 2011:

Anthony Rose at AOP VoD & the Rise of Connect TV event

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