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AOP Forum - Advertising – The growing value of programmatic

21 May 2014
14.00 to 17:00
101 Euston Road, London NW1 2RA

Event Description

What programmatic is; the challenges of applying it to mobile; and the opportunities created by data. These were the key themes of the AOP’s latest monthly Forum “Advertising: the growing value of programmatic”, held on 21 May. Event moderator Matt O’Neill, Principal at Teemo, set the scene by defining programmatic as “the opposite of manual management of ad campaigns”. This view was backed up by Bill Swanson, Director, Publisher Development, UK at PubMatic, who also outlined the difference between programmatic and RTB. “Programmatic is not just RTB,” he said, “Programmatic is the channel; RTB is one example of it.” O’Neill and Swanson also agreed about the rapid pace of growth of programmatic trading. Swanson quoted Magna Global Research figures saying that the global value of programmatic trading would reach $33billion worldwide by 2017, while O’Neill pointed to figures predicting that programmatic would overtake online direct sales within the next 18 months. Much of the discussion centred around the issues of mobile programmatic, with Todd Tran, European Managing Director of mobile ad exchange Nexage, highlighting the size of the opportunity around mobile advertising, and urging the audience to think and act “cross-screen, but with a mobile emphasis”. This idea was picked up later by Paul de la Nougerede, Director, Media Products & Operations at AOL Huffington Post UK. “Mobile data is just another form of targeting,” he said, in answer to a question about how AOL is approaching mobile. “We build our processes around mobile inventory in exactly the same way as we do for desktop.” Sam Sherson, Revenue Operations Director at Guardian News & Media, agreed, saying: “It’s more about the audience than the platform”. Talking about what agencies want from publishers in the programmatic space, Manning Gottlieb OMD Head of Operations Katie Eyton talked about the need for more transparency about the inventory on offer. “Agencies want to see premium inventory in RTB, and to see what it is,” she said. “It’s currently appearing as run-of-site - help us see the detail.” And she talked about agencies’ willingness to pay for data about audiences. “We don’t know as much as we’d like about where our audiences are online,” she said. “There’s not enough really good quality data available, and it’s not portable. We want to be able to find audiences anywhere on the web, not just on your website.

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