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2013 Details on Events

Below is a list of AOP Events relating to a variety of subjects including Digital Advertising, Video, Product Management and Editorial. If you wish to find which events are going on month by month or view details of our past events then you can navigate the calendar on the left hand side, or click 'past events' below.

Commercial Beyond Advertising Forum

This forum brings together senior speakers from companies at the forefront of creative revenue generation. more

Driving Value Through Video

Not only is video proving to be an incredibly powerful tool in engaging audiences and impacting on SEO, it is shown to be highly effective at generating brand awareness, new leads ...more

AOP Autumn Conference 2013

The 2013 AOP Digital Media Conference took place at Etc. Venue St. Paul's. more

Research Forum

How is media diversification and fragmentation influencing and impacting digital consumers? How is the industry innovating with research that identifies and measures the value of a ...more

Multi-channel Editorial Forum

Getting our multi-platform strategy right is critical to our survival - not just as businesses, but as relevant voices in an increasingly fragmented media landscape... more

AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2013

The ceremony for the prestigious AOP Awards 2013 will be held on Thursday 6 June at The Roundhouse in Camden. more

2013 Organisation Census Results Presentation

On Wednesday 1 May a special invitation only event was hosted at the Immediate Media offices in Hammersmith. more

Mobile Forum

This event is now sold out! This forum examines how publishers can best position their businesses for mobile revenue success. more

AOP B2B Conference 2013

AOP announce Digital event for Business Media Publishers 12th March 2013... more

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