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2008 Details on Events

Below is a list of AOP Events relating to a variety of subjects including Digital Advertising, Video, Product Management and Editorial. If you wish to find which events are going on month by month or view details of our past events then you can navigate the calendar on the left hand side, or click 'past events' below.

Developing communities around content - adding value through an engaged user base

How do publishers and media owners benefit from the social networking explosion and tie that in with their existing content and communities? These were the topics covered by AOPs C ...more

"Who owns the content?" and "does it matter?" - AOP IP and copyright Forum

Effective management of both traditionally sourced and user-generated content will drive value for media owners in the future. But as web users change the way they source and cons ...more

AOP Digital Publishing Summit 2008

AOP's 7th. Digital Publishing Summit, held on 1 October 2008, was themed 3C – Content, Convergence and Creativity, bringing together industry leaders from around the world to share ...more

Mobile Content: creation, convergence and commercialisation

With a new generation of mobile phones and the growth of flat-rate tariffs, what opportunities does the mobile web now offer UK publishers? AOP's forum on mobile content, looked a ...more

Behavioural targeting forum

Behavioural targeting can help deliver more relevant content, provide select audiences to advertisers, improve inventory management and increase revenues. But how can publishers re ...more

Making video work for you

Nancy Cruickshank, global CEO, VideoJug, Telegraph digital media director Alison Reay, Robert Black of UTarget and Justin White, business director of Neo@Ogilvy all spoke at AOP’s ...more

Maximising your relationship with ad networks

As ad networks proliferate, AOP hosted a forum to discuss the part they will play in the future of online advertising, and optimising publisher opportunities in this evolving area. more

AOP Digital Seminar at Magazines 2008

On May 7th, AOP/PPAi presented its one day Digital Seminar at the Magazines 2008 event. The seminar was be chaired by Andrew Walmsley, founder of i-level. more

Practical guidance on how to optimise digital partnership and sponsorship opportunities

On the afternoon of wednesday 27th February, AOP held a forum on how to optimise digital partnership and sponsorship opportunities. more

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