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2004 Details on Events

Below is a list of AOP Events relating to a variety of subjects including Digital Advertising, Video, Product Management and Editorial. If you wish to find which events are going on month by month or view details of our past events then you can navigate the calendar on the left hand side, or click 'past events' below.

Making a success of RSS

AOP hosted an forum on 10 December on RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Forty publishers met to hear from a panel of experts including Drew Cullen, editor of tech news site The Regi ...more

AOP Online Publishing Awards Dinner and Presentation 2004

An exciting black tie event that will witness the reward of outstanding innovation and success in all aspects of digital publishing. more

Accountability - why bother?

AOP hosted an interactive forum on 15 June 2005 on the business reasons for being accountabile in web measurement and what to measure, including ad serving. more

Future proofing your online publishing business

AOP hosted an interactive forum on 30 March 2005 on making use of the latest technology to reach new audiences and mazimize advertising revenue. more

Paid content

AOP hosted an interactive forum on 29 January 2004 on paid content, looking at both publishers aims and experience of charging for content and comparing these with online payment s ...more

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