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Below is a list of AOP Events relating to a variety of subjects including Digital Advertising, Video, Product Management and Editorial. If you wish to find which events are going on month by month or view details of our past events then you can navigate the calendar on the left hand side, or click 'past events' below.

AOP Video Forum - Driving and commercialising video use across multiple platforms

Visual content is an increasingly important part of media brand communications with audiences. What opportunities does that create for content development and audience interaction, ...more

AOP Research Forum

Every business is becoming a data-owning business, and as that happens you start to think of yourself as customer-focused... read round up of AOP Research forum here... more

Broadcast TV to Digital - The Brand Advertising Challenge - A Google and AOP Forum

The increasing access to premium Video content through multiple digital channels is transforming the landscape for brand advertising and redefining the role of digital publishers. more

Is publishing sexy? Attracting the best candidates & retaining the best talent

It is a well known fact that attracting the very best talent to roles within publishing can be a difficult challenge. It is essential for publishers to digitise all aspects of thei ...more

AOP Autumn Conference 2014

This year’s AOP Autumn Conference looked at how premium publishers can make the most of not just multiple platforms, but also the connections between them. more

Owning your own Social

AOP and Livefyre - exclusive member only breakfast discussion on how publishers can benefit from taking back social from the big networks and creating real-time social experiences ...more

AOP Forum - Mobile Advertising

The formats, the tech, the resources, the challenges in monetising the growing mobile audience in an increasingly fragmented device landscape, cutting through the obstacles and bar ...more

AOP Digital Publishing Awards 2014

The Awards recognise and champion excellence in online publishing, reflecting the innovation and enterprise... more

AOP Forum - Evolving successful content business models

Determining the value of content and growing revenue per user, from free access to fully paid and hybrid models, the key elements of implementation and the role of platforms in det ...more

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