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AOP Award Winners 2009 in full

Congratulations to all the winners at 2009's AOP Awards! Digital publishers proved once again that they are consistently delivering innovative, high-quality content to their audiences. Pictures and video highlights of the night are here.

With a large, diverse array of entries this year, all the entrants who made it onto the shortlist should be proud:

AOP Awards 2009 Highlights

Video produced by FMG

Full list of AOP Awards 2009 winners

Congratulations to the following winners and special mentions. Winners are invited to download a copy of the winner's logo.Download Type: GIF
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Winner - BNET UK - CBS Interactive

UK business professionals are arguably facing the biggest challenges to their careers and companies in living memory. Responding to this need, CBS Interactive launched BNET UK as the first comprehensive, free destination where UK managers and executives can find a wealth of practical information, insight, advice and resources.

Judges’ comments: “An innovative and unique new launch with proven commercial viability, which lifts digital publishing standards to a new level. Audience growth within the judging period was phenomenal, given the conservative marketing budget.”

Editorial Team - Business

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Winner - Farmers Weekly - RBI

This fully integrated team, with true ‘muddy boots’ credentials, works across all media to deliver content for print, web and face-to-face activity. A creative approach, and use of social media have expanded its readership beyond its core audience, while imaginative changes to working practices have lifted efficiency and given greater flexibility and immediacy online. Respecting existing journalism skills while learning and developing new ones have both been key.

Judges’ Comments: “FWI’s editorial team demonstrated a great knowledge of their market and passion for their subject and audience, with whom they showed deep engagement in the past year.”

The judges would also like to highly commend the TES Connect editorial team.

Editorial Team - Consumer

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Winner: Comment is Free - Guardian News & Media

Through social media outreach and tracking, combined with a sophisticated approach to moderation and community management, plus consistently high-quality, stimulating editorial, Comment is Free is raising the visibility of important debate and is getting people talking about things that matter. With around 50 posts every day, from an army of writers dotted around the globe, CiF Editors ensure engagement with readers is maintained.

Judges’ Comments: “This editorial team brings traditional editorial rigour and values to the future of online citizen journalism – it rocks!”

Research & Insights Project

Sponsored by Olswang

Winner - The Brand Aid Panel - Guardian News & Media

Proving return on online media investment is all the more important during a recession, as every penny of marketing spend comes under increased scrutiny, and advertisers must be convinced of display’s positive brand impact. With this in mind, GNM developed a panel-based solution to provide insightful feedback on cross-media campaign performance, building a database of online brand ad effectiveness, against which other ads can be benchmarked.

Judges’ Comments: “A timely research project for these recessionary times which delivers effective R.O.I. information to advertisers.”

Digital Advertising Sales Team

Sponsored by Solbright

Winner - RBI Job Sites – RBI

With a team of people who think, live and breathe recruitment media (and nothing else) during their working day, customers receive an unrivalled level of service and experience. Product development is linked very closely with feedback from sales and customers, and the team’s integrated approach to selling means that it can put the customer’s individual requirements at the heart of the business.

Judges’ Comments: ”This is a strong operation delivering solid results. They are selling efficiently and doing everything they can in the classified space.”

The judges would also like to highly commend the. Guardian News & Media Digital Ad Sales Team


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Winner - The Economist Debate Series - Economist Group

The Economist’s founding aim is to take part in ‘a severe contest between intelligence, which presses forward, and an unworthy, timid ignorance obstructing our progress’, and The Economist Debate Series aims to further this mission online. Providing a forum for independent, intelligent and reasoned discussion -and inviting its readers to participate through an immersive online experience, the debates have also provided a unique and premium opportunity for commercial sponsorship.

Judges’ Comments: ”The debates in this series have engaged The Economist’s audience in a new and compelling way, and the commercial success it has generated in the last year is extraordinary.”

Cross-Media Project

Sponsored by Nstein

Winner - Corduroy Mansions - Telegraph Media Group

In an online first, the best-selling author Alexander McCall Smith’s latest novel was published exclusively on, chapter by chapter, for 20 weeks. Users could access each chapter via web, spoken word podcast, or direct to desktop through a dedicated widget. Readers could also contribute to the novel’s storyline, or even enter a writing competition judged by the author himself.

Judges’ Comments: ”A cross-media literary first, combining well-executed reviews, comments and a retail channel. Taking something all too ‘offline’ on to the web showed great ingenuity, involving a new audience of readers in the process.”

Commercial Partnership

Sponsored by Madgex

Winner - Mirror Cashback in partnership with V A C Media - Trinity Mirror

By partnering with V A C Media, Trinity Mirror was able to move quickly and launch a differentiated, stand-out product, owning the cashback concept in the eyes of its readers and users. Through strong editorial support and sustained in-paper and online promotion, the partnership has brought cashback to the mainstream, a valuable, timely service which in turn strengthens the Mirror’s ‘Peoples’ Champion’ credentials.

Judges’ Comments: “In exploring new commercial activities, this partnership provided a fundamental understanding of the consumer and the potential for longevity.”

Use of Video

Sponsored by InSkin Media

Winner - Car Tech on CNET UK - CBS Interactive

Treating the car as the ultimate gadget - a home for the latest, most innovative and stylish consumer technology, it was clear from early on that Car Tech on CNET UK was ideally suited to an online video series. CBS Interactive produced something unique, stretching itself both creatively and technically in the process, and presenting the technology in the most visually exciting format possible.

Judges’ Comments: “A combination of high production values, enthusiasm and expertise worked seamlessly together, using video to really bring out the personality of the site’s writers. Original, fun and high quality content which is relevant to its audience, with a clear commercial underpinning.”

Mobile Site

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Winner - FT Mobile: - Financial Times maintains the design ethic of clear, uncluttered design and an easy to read, ‘need to know’ briefing. Different interfaces for touch screen and non-touchscreen phones, combined with automatic reformatting for different screen sizes mean the site looks its best on all phones. Commercially, web and mobile are increasingly integrated, while personalised content is delivered to the user without the need to log in.

Judges Comments: “Clear, clean, easy to use, with good use of personalisation while staying true to the brand. Overall, a thoroughly effective mobile site.”

Digital Commercial Individual

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Winner - Alex Outlaw – IPC Media

Through a range of innovative projects, Alex Outlaw has been responsible for phenomenal growth both in terms of traffic and engagement in the judging year, in addition to an array of profitable eCommerce partnerships.

Judges Comments: “Hugely innovative. Alex’s work stayed in your mind long after reading his entry. Excellent performance figures and admirable dedication to the job in hand. Truly enterprising!”

Digital Editorial Individual

Sponsored by MSN

Winner - Julian Gairdner - Farmers Weekly Interactive / RBI

Julian Gairdner has led a significant organisational change within the Farmers Weekly Group, resulting in fully integrated editorial, production and sales functions across web and print, as well as a research and redesign process which is paying dividends in traffic and diversified commercial results.

Judges Comments: “Clearly a natural digital editor, Julian displays a strong understanding of his target market, producing innovative editorial devices outside the traditional core pillars of web journalism. He has demonstrated a highly skilled approach to both strategy and execution.”

The judges would also like to highly commend David Moynihan, for “a superb entry and strong editorial track record.”

Website - Business

Sponsored by Abacus eMedia

Winner - TES Connect - TSL Education

Following 18 months of research, development and testing, TES Connect was relaunched as the first real application of networking technology for the UK teaching community. Social networking tools have been applied to the education vertical with a strong, useful professional purpose.

Judges’ Comments: “A vibrant and optimistic site which empowers its users. With high quality UGC at its heart, TES Conntect has harnessed the power of the community in a slick and professional way, and is clearly respected and valued by its users. With fantastic design and usability, it has enabled teachers to make a beneficial impact on the lives of their peers.”

Website - Consumer

Sponsored by Pluck

Winner - - Bauer Media

With a substantially upgraded site, seamlessly integrating gaming, video, and social networking, the FHM team is making the most of its international brand online - effectively and profitably syndicating content across its worldwide sister sites, and those in turn contributing to its ‘incoming news’ channel. To cap it all, now even ranks first for Kama Sutra in Google (after Wikipedia, of course).

Judges Comments: “Bauer has transitioned the FHM brand successfully across video, social networking and community on and off the site, seeing fantastic growth in the judging year. The team understands its audience, knows what it wants and gives it to them with both barrels.”

Specialist Digital Publisher

Sponsored by ABCE

Winner - Econsultancy

With its stated vision to provide a leading global resource for training, research and events on digital marketing and e-commerce, Econsultancy capitalised on its international audience in the judging year with the opening of a US office, and an increase focus on social media through its relaunched website.

Judges’ Comments: “The winner showed a strong performance, effectively diversifying its revenue streams at a key moment to include internationalisation.”

The judges would like to highly commend eCancermedicalscience from Cancer Intelligence.

Digital Publisher - Business

Sponsored by BigKid

Winner -TSL Education

TSL Education’s aim is to ‘drive up the quality of UK education’, and over the last year it has done so not just through an innovative recruitment service, but also social networking and resource-sharing tools tailor-made for the education sector. TSL’s websites celebrate the skills, energy and creativity of teachers, no matter what their discipline or where they teach.

Judges’ Comments: “TSL is delivering value to its audience through shared knowledge and a clear grasp of the digital space. The site provides not just a viable business model, but a personal experience to its users. In this, they have achieved exactly what they set out to do.”

Digital Publisher - Consumer

Sponsored by Ceros

Winner - Telegraph Media Group

Building on its digital presence and profitability, TMG has positioned technology internally as a strategic enabler for growth, and to improve working practices. Telegraph Labs acts as a focal point for this, encouraging experimentation across editorial, technology and commercial departments, and taking TMG to the forefront of innovation.

Judges’ Comments: ”With a comprehensive transformation of digital activity examining every part of their business, TMG showed impressive growth and innovation, working effectively with partners to explore all possible avenues.”

The judges would also like to highly commend IPC Media - “Achieved strategic objectives and understood the market really well. Their strategy showed great insight.”

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