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Why Join AOP? / Membership Benefits

Follow the link below to the membership level most relevant to your company for a full list of benefits:

Membership categories

AOP currently offers four categories of membership:

1 - Board membership - open to publishers

Major UK media owners who steer the direction of AOP through their seat on the AOP Board. The Board determines AOP's strategic objectives, overseeing all AOP initiatives. Board members are also eligible to join AOP's Digital Publishers Revenue Initiative, as well as exclusive events.
Board level benefits and joining criteria

2 - Affiliate membership - open to specialist publishers

The Affiliate Membership tier is designed for specialist, independent and SME publishers.
Affiliate level benefits and joining criteria

3 - Associate membership - Open to suppliers and partners of digital publishing companies

Associate membership is designed to develop and encourage strong partnerships between member publishing companies and their trading partners, to give profile and recognition to reliable suppliers and to enable those suppliers to have access to AOP research and discounts to our events.
Associate level benefits and joining criteria

4 - Corporate membership - Open to Associations and Institutions

This membership solution allows associations or institutions to apply for a corporate membership. Benefits are as Affiliate level membership, with the addition of one Board seat which is taken by an elected representative (who represents the interests of the association and not their own company).
Corporate level benefits and joining criteria