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AOP Groups

One key objective of AOP is to facilitate the share of knowledge and build networking ties within the industry. As well as doing this through its events, website and research, the AOP Board has established five groups, in which representatives from AOP member companies participate.

1. The AOP B2B Group - is focused on enabling members to achieve business benefit by addressing common challenges through peer-group learning and networking. The priorities of the quarterly meetings for 2014 will be how digital development supports events, how to price B2B data in a programmatic environment, how to maximise corporate subs revenue, and what type of content is the most profitable to create and deliver. These themes will be reflected through the group members sharing challenges their businesses face and the achievements others can learn from.

2. The AOP Commercial Group will focus on themes including how to develop your business to be truly platform agnostic, what data has value both on client and agency sides, what percentage of and how brand budgets are being spent in digital, the value of high impact display formats, and the challenges facing publishers in the structuring of sales teams. The group will also continue to focus on certain themes from 2013 including viewable impressions, a follow up from the AOP Premium Mobile Initiative, and defining the objectives and governance of the AOP Heads of Ad Ops Group.

3. The AOP Heads of Ad Ops Group emerged in the second half of 2013 when members of the Commercial group began looking into the world of viewable impressions and decided it would be best to discuss in a forum of ad ops professionals who could offer insight into the challenges and issues they are facing in their businesses. In addition to viewability the key themes of the year will include ad formats, mobile-related responsive design, user journeys, and programmatic trading.

4. The AOP Research Group will continue to be committed to undertaking original research projects that deliver unique insight into the value of the quality content environment. The group's focus in 2014 will include how research can help monetize mobile and the ever-changing browsing behaviours of tablet owners, exploring different research methodologies through sentiment analysis and online communities, and app-tagging measurement updates with UKOM.

4. The AOP Product Development Group will aim to work together as publishers to discuss themes such as centralise/decentralise structures, the process of lean and agile project management, what RTB and viewability means for the product from a commercial perspective, the personalisation of big data and how to collect/store/use it, practical tips and advice on split testing, and responsive design.

AOP members can enter the members area of the site to view more information about past and upcoming meetings, current group members and how to get involved.

If you are not an AOP member, read about the benefits of joining (including participation in working groups) or contact AOP for more information on how to join.